wKinMut-2 is an integrated framework for the analysis and interpretation of the consequences of variants in the human kinome.

It displays information from diverse sources, that include:

  • Protein/Gene general information, Gene Ontology terms, estimations of gene essentiality in orthologues and known drug targets.
  • Structural information from PDB and Structure-PPI.
  • Characterization at the domain and residue levels. Functional annotations and information about plausible catalytic and phosphorylation sites.
  • Predictions of variant pathogenicity with 9 different methods, including our own kinase-specific Random Forest.
  • Information from dedicated variant databases (UniProt Variant Pages, COSMIC, KinMutBase, Kin-Driver, ClinVar)
  • Variants mentions from the literature (SNP2L)
  • Protein Protein Interactions extracted from the literature (iHOP) and STRING.

You can retrieve the wKinMut-2 source code through GitHub at: https://github.com/Rbbt-Workflows/kin_mut2